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Nominations and Voting

NOTICE: Call for Nominations and Election of Officers of the Executive Council of the
National Guard Association of Louisiana (NGALA) for the 2023-2025 term.

In accordance with Article X of the Charter and Article IX Bylaws of the NGALA, as
amended by Annual Conference in Lafayette, Louisiana on 21 MAY 2016, the
Nominations Committee posts notice of intent to hold elections at our Annual State
Conference on 01 April 2023 at the Hilton Double Tree hotel located at 1521 Pinhook, Lafayette, Louisiana.

Nominations are now being accepted via postal mail or electronic mail (via nongovernmental e-mail address), accompanied by a statement of consent of the nominee at:

-Or email:

Nominations may also be presented from the floor at the Business Session of the
Annual Conference.

Offices to be elected and filled by the membership of the association at the Business Session are:

1) Chairman
2) Vice Chairman (Army)
3) Vice Chairman (Air)
4) Representative at Large (Army)
5) Representative at Large (Air)
6) Treasurer

Offices to be elected and filled by Caucus are:
1) Company Grade Representative (Army)
2) Company Grade Representative (Air)
3) Warrant Officer Representative
4) Retired/Separated Representative

Offices to be filled by DRU/MACOM are:
1) 256 IBCT – 3ea Representatives
2) 225th EN BDE – 2ea Representatives
3) 139th RSG – 2ea Representatives
4) State Aviation Command – 2ea Representatives
5) Joint Forces Headquarters – 2ea Representatives
6) 199th Regt (RTI) – 1ea Representative
7) MEDCOM – 1ea Representative
8) 61st Troop Command – 1ea Representative
9) Air Guard – 2ea Representatives

Current list of members under nomination consideration by position:


  • LTC William Saint

Vice Chairman (Army)

  • LTC Noel Collins

Vice Chairman (Air)

  • Col Ignacio “Iggy” Assaf

Representative at Large (Army)

  • MAJ Cody Paulk

Representative at Large (Air)

  • Lt Col Regina Bourdais


  • Jonathan “Brant” Aymond

Warrant Officer Representative

  • CW2 Joshua Sigue

Company Grade Representative (Army)

  • 1LT Jacob Haynes

Company Grade Representative (Air)

  • None

Retired/Separated Representative

  • CW5(R) Kim Janneck